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kabrina purrsss

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Fall River, OO, us
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It's been years since I have been here. I came here a witch and seeking to discover my kin type. Now I know “what” I am, but I am still on a journey to discover “who” I am. A journey of discovering the submissive side that I feel is also apart of my kin natures. Purrssss~
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Wiccan I am Magical
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Kabrina_kitty (yahoo)
One of my Favorite poems Do not fall in love with people like me I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave. You will finally understand why storms are named after people. Caitlyn Siehl Literary Sexts A collection of short And Sexy Love poems One from a dear friend: I Bleed I do not cry tears, I bleed. A essence of life slips out of my eyes, down my cheek to what? Does what remains as my soul bleed out as well? I smell the blood and hunger is awakened. I feel alive in my slow death, for a few moments. forever in dark shades of grey. Blood is black in the night, hidden, disguised as I. Do I weep for the sun, warmth, life? I do not cry, I bleed, and a touch of life slips away. Written by Revenge. one of mine: Mating Season On the prowl, I stalk my prey. My body imersed in a heated state. I eye my prey in contempt delight. Knowing this will be a short fight. Into my lair my tasty prey I bring. Here control is mine, I waste no time. With a gifted tongue I taste sweet flesh. My heat is control, I give in with a cry. Knowing the nature of the male, is well on the rise. My nails dig in, my teeth graze sweet skin. I fully seccume to what I intend. My wetness flowing, I fully take my prey in, and ride until my body pleasured gives in. Both exhausted and spent. Your arms wrap around what you cannot hold. I toss you your clothes and show my prey out. For this is my nature. A brief moment in time. Each season you may have a chance to be mine. by Kabrina
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I love music.
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I love tv. lol

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